World of Homes Announces New Logo

Press Release

World of Homes – New Branding Launch

December 1st, 2015, Orlando, FL

Mr. Jose Ramon Riestra, Owner and President of World of Homes officially launched the company’s new logo and branding.

  • World of Homes, a Central Florida Property Management leader, today introduced the company’s new corporate brand and logo. The re-branding reflects both the evolution of the company as well as its vision for the future.
  • Since the new management takeover in June 2015, World of Homes has been a recognized and lauded leader in providing customer service and management solutions which help homeowners and communities improve the quality of their associations while reducing their costs of operations. World of Homes’ award-winning audit processes, financial management, and covenant enforcement technology have quickly evolved alongside a world that is rapidly digitizing and becoming more connected.
  • Today, World of Homes provides its services to more than 100 communities, and is esteemed as a leader in Association Management, Property Management, and Real Estate by many in the industry. World of Homes has also acquired and integrated several strategic software improvements in 2015 such as Appfolio for their Long-Term Property management division, and TOPS for their Association management division, further expanding the company’s quality of services to include innovative software solutions in order to improve the experience of our customers.
  • World of Homes’ re-branding represents its successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond its humble beginnings in Orlando. Today the company competes in key growth markets that include Leesburg, Tampa, Daytona, Melbourne, and the Central Florida counties coast to coast – all focused on helping central Florida communities obtain the best service for a fair price.
  • The new World of Homes logo evokes the value-driven and forward thinking modernization of the on-going World of Homes vision, evolving to a colorful representation of our name, which represents the broadening of services offered. The colorful palette is fresh, vibrant and approachable, representing World of Homes’ strength, focus on sustainability, and “Green Operations”; creating value for our customers, as well as our commitment to earning “customers for life” to remain with us as we grow.  The new typeface lends a modern, clean look and features angles that precisely reflect the opening of new opportunities.
  • World of Homes’ new tagline is, “Where your home becomes our world,” as our multiple-services portfolio continues to expand to better serve our customers.
  • While the brand, tagline and logo have changed to better represent what the company is today, World of Homes’ value proposition remains the same: our combination of fair pricing, exceptional customer service, and continued management expertise remains unique and enables us to develop long-lasting customer relationships.

Supporting Quotes

“It has never been a more exciting time than now to be an employee of World of Homes, and this new brand and logo reflect our enthusiasm and focus on improving services to our communities and simplifying the manager’s daily processes,” said Jorge Miranda, World of Homes’ Director of Management. “Our brand evolution better represents what the company is doing today and our vision for the future within Central Florida communities.”

“As a long time employee of World of Homes, our new brand and logo will reflect our enthusiasm and commitment on improving services to our communities. The new “TOPS” software will simplify the manager’s daily processes, allowing us more time to focus on the communities we manage. I am excited with the changes we have done and the new vision of our company, that will allow us to become a leading management company in the industry” said C.J. Fouts Lead Cam for World of Homes.

“World of Homes remains committed to creating ‘customers for life’, as has been the case since 1993, but this new branding of World of Homes clearly shows that we are changing as a company by expanding our supporting systems, pushing into new markets, and providing a guiding light for employees as the company continues to evolve and innovate in our operations in benefit to our customers” Mr. Jose Ramon Riestra, Owner & President, affirmed.

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